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This was Deko's first important rock band. Between 1998 and 2001 Alias was official support band for the Afterhours, one of the most famous Italian Rock Band. Manuel Agnelli, leader of the band, produced Alias' last Ep.



Breakfast is an Italian-Australian musical project formed by the duo Enrico Decolle and Maurice Andiloro. Together they released three records (Breakfast, Santeria/Audioglobe 2001 – foto- ; Ordinary Heroes, Mescal/Sony 2004 – foto - , Flowers and Spiderwebs, Breakfast/Audioglobe 2008 - foto-), they toured all around Italy and worked as production team with many other important artists. Currently they are recording new songs...



Edwina & Deko crossed paths in a German class in Berlin, far from their seaside homes of Australia and Italy. They discovered a shared passion for warm harmonies, raw emotions and a pure acoustic sound typical of the 60s and began their duo project touring and songwriting. The pair sought to capture this sound on their first album "Berlin Seasons", recorded in three days, almost totally live, and published worldwide by Monkey Records in March 2014. They have taken their music from Germany, Italy and France all the way to Australia, with more than 300 Concerts in 3 years. Their latest album "Easy Road" was released on 23rd April 2016.

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